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.... this lovely place was waiting for me.....
it was  abandoned for more than 20 years before I discovered it. 

I stopped here after a long tour looking for a nice country place  to live.   

It was September '76 the beginning of a new life for me
and a new story for  this  precious and lost site...

In the past

The main house was built in 1743 and it was in such bad condition that
I had to sleep in my old minibus for one week while I was repairing a room for the night.  
There was no road, water or electricity, not one nail.  
In these happy past years  I have enjoyed very much...touched by passion...restoring the place
with the big pleasure of doing things by myself.

Still totally involved in a lot of jobs  that I don't know which to finish first !

Flowers in May

Farming here is natural and organic ,more about olive and orange trees. 

in S. Simone you can rent  a few holiday houses for your peacefull vacation !
and if you like to play with  artistic expressions...
 ....a messy  working room is waiting for you.  

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